24 Best Swimming Pool Designs Long Island N.Y.

24 Gorgeous Swimming Pool Designs Long Island N.Y- 24 Best Swimming Pool Designs
These in-ground pool designs will transform your backyard into an outdoor oasis. These designs also include unique elements such as waterfalls, lighting, and foliage.
Learn about backyard swimming pool ideas from modern to formal that can be adapted to any style and complement any landscape.
Get ideas for your own backyard swimming pool oasis by browsing swimming pool designs. Explore options for your poolside landscaping and pool deck.
These stunning pool design ideas feature everything from modern design retreats to modern lap pools.

Awesome Inground Swimming Pool Designs on Long Island

Every outdoor space can have a pool – even long, narrow side yards or courtyards right in the middle. We’ve got every size, type, and design of pool you can imagine, from sleek, modern masterpieces to Infinity designs to private waterparks. Immerse yourself in this world and you will be amazed at the fun you can have in your own backyard.
With an elegant design that will appeal to all ages, Designscapes of Long Island can design a waterpark-like experience for your entertaining backyard in Long Island, N.Y. You can add stone pillars, waterfalls, custom slides for the kids. Your pool will be the center pice of your property.

Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise and there is no need to stop when the temperatures drop. Designscapes of Long Island can design and built an enclosed room for a lap pool , surrounded by windows for an experience that is closest to nature.

steel-reinforced pool with vynil liners gives you the opportunity to choose from so many different liners. from solid colors to busy designs to river rocks.
Flowing flagstones from the patio line the pool’s edges, creating a natural coping. Install a pergola for shade. Every swimming pool we design is a one of a kind creation.

Infinity swimming pools Long Island ny

Designscapes of Long Island created an infinity swimming pool that looks over long Island Sound and features a sunken kitchen at the water level, along with a private spa.
Swimming pools are the best way to cool off during the summer heat. You can enjoy that pool even more if it’s in your backyard. Pools today go far beyond the turquoise-lined rectangular shapes seen in backyards of the past. A pool can be an attractive element to add to your backyard landscaping ideas with its built-in waterfalls, surrounding gardens, and organic shapes.

You can easily match the architecture and style of your house to your pool with the patio materials and building materials available today. Various dining and seating areas, lush patio plants, and a variety of interesting lighting options are also commonly included in pool and landscape plans, helping to establish your pool as the focal point of all outdoor activities day and night.

How Big a Backyard is needed for a Swimming pool?

A large backyard is no longer required to build these pools, even when they require a lot of space. Small yards can benefit from swimming pool designs and plans that are flexible in shape and size.

Swimming pools are investments, but don’t disregard them due to pricing concerns. Swimming pool design ideas are available for every style and budget. You’ll be able to celebrate the opening of your new pool by inviting family and friends. A simple addition of in-ground pool lighting transformed the entire patio into a fresh, modern space.

A beautiful backyard pool can be as calming for your mind as it is refreshing for your body. Even the view of tranquil water, whether from inside your home or from your garden, patio, or porch, can soothe the soul.

If you’re making plans for summer or simply dreaming of it on a dreary winter day, dive into these serene swimming pool designs for a luxurious escape.
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