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DesignScapes of Long Island We are with you from design to completed project. We are actively designing & booking projects for the 2024 season. Let’s get to work now designing your outdoor projects and make your dreams come to life.631-475-0677

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From Design Concept to Completed Project and Everything in between. We are Responsible for the entire project. See the video below where the owner Daniel Steigerwald describes his company.

Best Landscape Lighting Designer on Long Island

As a landscape lighting designer for more than 30 years we have seen many different types of landscape lighting. Many lighting systems are manufactured for the sole purpose of enhancing the beauty of your property.
 Over the years we have done it all from up lighting to downlighting, fountain lighting, pool, and deck area lighting from flagpoles to tennis courts to sports courts, outdoor gardens, and motion lighting.    We will design the perfect lighting system to enhance the beauty of your property. 

We have received many questions over the years, and I hope to answer most of those questions today.


DesignScapes of Long Island We are with you from design to completed project.
We are actively designing & booking projects for the 2024 season. Let’s get to work now designing your outdoor projects and make your dreams come to life.

What are the most common questions about professional landscape lighting?

The average homeowner here on Long Island will spend approximately $2500 for a 12 light lighting system, but most landscaping projects will range anywhere from several hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars, depending on how many lights fixtures are needed and what lighting system the homeowner chooses.

LED lighting is very inexpensive to operate and will not impact your electric utility bill for more than $25 or $30 a month. Which is well worth it, when you consider the beauty and safety and security a professional outdoor lighting system will provide.

A beautifully designed landscaping, lighting system will increase your property value.  Recent statistics indicate that property values could increase as high as 20%.

Many people ask, “who makes the best landscape lighting fixtures”.

A good quality fixture will be made of brass or stainless steel or heavy-duty aluminum. The higher the quality of the fixture the more expensive it will be.  Quality fixtures are not cheap, but they are well worth the price, as they are the most reliable and long-lasting due to the materials that they are constructed of. All outdoor lighting fixtures are exposed to the weather 24 hours a day and the higher quality units will always last longer.



Landscape Lighting Designer Using LED Lights

LED lighting for landscape design a little more expensive than the traditional lighting, but most importantly the quality LED bulb is more durable and will last a lot longer, less maintenance and more enjoyment. So be certain to install an LED lighting system.

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways of increasing the value of your home is by installing a quality outdoor lighting system. According to Consumer Reports using LED lighting in your home can boost the value and make your home more attractive and appealing to possible buyers.

An outdoor landscape lighting designed installation will transform your property into a warm, safe, inviting, and secure home. Here at Designscapes of Long Island, we provide free estimates for your landscape lighting design and installation plan.

Designscapes of Long Island has over 30 years’ experience in the landscape lighting industry. Designscapes of Long Island should be your number one choice for landscape lighting design. If you are interested in low voltage or line voltage installation. We have certified electricians that will make certain your design is installed properly and functioning as it should. We will also be happy to assist you with upgrading your existing landscape lighting system with energy efficient solutions. We can convert your existing landscape lighting system into a highly efficient LED system.

Landscape lighting is a lasting, beautiful investment for your home’s exterior. Our expert landscape designers can help!

Once your landscape lighting has been installed, enjoy piece of mind with our maintenance program. We provide annual reviews for our service maintenance clients, giving you peace of mind. As a property owner a poor lighting condition could be a liability. We can help prevent issues before they occur.

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We Provide the Following Landscape Lighting Designs

  • Parking Lot Lighting
  • Signage
  • Campus lighting
  • Building lighting
  • Fountain/Courtyard lighting
  • Walk property looking for damage.
  • System testing
  • Report of necessary repairs and system status
  • Free estimate
  • Includes landscape lighting design plan.
  • Up-lighting
  • Down-lighting
  • fountain lighting
  • Deck & Pool area Lighting
  • Flag Poles
  • Tennis Courts
  • Sport Courts
  • Basketball Courts
  • Courtyards
  • Outdoor Gardens
  • Motion Lighting

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