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Manhasset Landscape Designer: DesignScapes of Long Island

When it comes to transforming your Manhasset outdoor space into a breathtaking paradise, look no further than DesignScapes of Long Island. As your trusted landscape designer, they are renowned for their exceptional expertise in creating outdoor living structures that go beyond the ordinary. If you’re ready to turn your outdoor area into a dream escape, here’s why DesignScapes of Long Island should be your top choice.

Manhasset Outdoor Living, Elevated

At DesignScapes of Long Island, they’re not just landscape designers; they’re outdoor living architects. Their dedication to crafting extraordinary outdoor spaces has earned them a stellar reputation both locally and nationally. Let’s explore some of the outdoor living structures they specialize in, along with the benefits they bring:

Outdoor Living Rooms with Fireplaces

Imagine cozy evenings under the stars with a beautifully designed outdoor living room featuring a fireplace. This space isn’t just an extension of your home; it’s a retreat where you can relax, entertain, and enjoy the natural surroundings. The crackling fire adds warmth and ambiance to your outdoor gatherings, making it an ideal choice for those chilly Manhasset nights.

Benefits: Year-round use, increased property value, and a perfect space for hosting gatherings.

Quogue outdoor living area
Huntington Landscape design

Manhasset Outdoor Kitchens

Elevate your outdoor experience with a fully equipped outdoor kitchen. DesignScapes of Long Island can create a culinary haven where you can grill, cook, and entertain with ease. Say goodbye to the confines of indoor cooking, and embrace the joy of outdoor dining in your backyard

Benefits:* Al fresco dining, reduced indoor cooking odors, and enhanced property appeal.

Manhasset Gazebos

Gazebos are enchanting outdoor structures that provide shade, shelter, and a touch of romance. These versatile additions can serve as an outdoor dining area, a quiet reading nook, or a serene space for meditation. DesignScapes of Long Island can craft the gazebo of your dreams.
Benefits:* Relaxation, shade, and a charming focal point in your garden.



Swimming Pools, Spas & Hot Tubs- Waterfalls & Slides

A swimming pool, spa, or hot tub is the epitome of luxury in your backyard. Dive into a pool to cool off during hot summer days, or unwind in a spa or hot tub to soothe your senses. DesignScapes of Long Island can bring the soothing waters right to your doorstep.
Benefits:* Relaxation, recreation, and an increase in property value.

Water features like waterfalls and slides can turn your outdoor area into a mini oasis. The sound of cascading water and the thrill of a slide can make your backyard a haven of fun and relaxation. These features add a touch of natural beauty to your landscape.
Benefits:* Serenity, entertainment, and an aesthetically pleasing environment.

East Quogue swimming Pools
Manhasset Landscape designer
swimming pool designs long Island NY

Manhasset Koi Ponds

Koi ponds offer a serene and picturesque element to your outdoor space. These lovely water features can be adorned with colorful koi fish and aquatic plants, creating a tranquil atmosphere. DesignScapes of Long Island can design a pond that complements your landscape beautifully.
Benefits:* Serenity, beauty, and a habitat for colorful koi.

kio fish Manhasset

Outdoor Backyard Sports Courts

For the sports enthusiasts, having your very own sports court is a dream come true. Whether it’s basketball, tennis, or a multi-sport court, DesignScapes of Long Island can create a space for friendly competitions and active fun.
Benefits:* Exercise, recreation, and family bonding.

Pickleball court
smithtown sports court

DesignScapes of Long Island Your Manhasset Landscape Designer

DesignScapes of Long Island is all about turning your outdoor dreams into reality. Their local and national award-winning expertise, coupled with their East Patchogue, NY base, ensures that they are your go-to landscape designer for Manhasset and beyond. From Queens to Montauk, they serve all areas on Long Island, so your dream outdoor living space is closer than you think.

Don’t settle for an ordinary outdoor space when you can have an extraordinary one. Contact DesignScapes of Long Island and let them transform your Manhasset landscape into a masterpiece of outdoor living.

The Importance of Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is an essential aspect of any well-designed outdoor space. It serves a multitude of purposes, ranging from enhancing the beauty of your landscape to providing safety and security. A well-thought-out outdoor lighting plan can transform your backyard into a magical retreat, extending your living space and creating an inviting atmosphere for both you and your guests.

Properly placed outdoor lighting fixtures can highlight the architectural features of your home, such as columns, archways, and facades, adding depth and dimension to the overall design. Additionally, outdoor lighting can help create different zones within your outdoor space, such as a cozy seating area, a dining area, or a pathway leading to a garden. By strategically illuminating these areas, you can create a visually appealing and functional outdoor environment.

Landscape Lighting Designer Brookhaven, NY

DesignScapes of Long Island We are with you from design to completed project.
We are actively designing & booking projects for the 2024 season. Let’s get to work now designing your outdoor projects and make your dreams come to life.