Backyard Putting Greens


Every golfer would love to have a backyard putting green designed just for him or her. Most golfers putt between 30 and 40 times per round, which is roughly 40% of their total shots. 
Despite this, you may find that the average golfer who practices at your local club or driving range is spending 80% of their time driving for distance.
Putting practice can be done at home by golfers of all abilities. They can’t use their other clubs at home. 
This is the best type of practice you should do if you want more confidence over difficult par putts on the course.

Personal Putting Greens for Your Home or Business

When it comes to your short game, we’ve mastered the design & installation of professional caliber synthetic golf greens!
Designscapes of Long Island offers a variety of residential and commercial artificial turf solutions that create a unique experience for golf players. Whether it is a home putting green for practice or commercial outdoor golf green, we offer several varieties of synthetic grasses to meet the most demanding residential and commercial landscape needs. When you hire Designscapes of LI, you’ve selected a company that’s at the very top of its game in customizing challenging and enjoyable outdoor Sports court and indoor golf greens and putting areas for your home and office. Call Designscapes of Long Island @ 631-475-0677 today!

Your Own Backyard Putting Green

The dream of every golfer is to have his own private putting green in your backyard. No more driving to the closest golf course and share a putting green with numerous other golfers. Having your own backyard putting green will give you the opportunity to focus on your putting stroke. In regulation golf putting accounts for 36 strokes and that is if you’re pro-. Imagine the scores you will be shooting. If you could completely eliminate free putting from your game and turn more of those two pots into one pots.

The backyard putting green you could just go outside when you had an extra few minute. Practice your putting. Let
Designscapes of Long Island give you an estimate on your dream backyard putting green.


Best Backyard Putting Greens

Best Putting Greens

Along with practicing your putting, the Country Club model also lets you hit chips and pitch shots with a chipping mat and limited-flight chipping balls.

We install premium putting greens designed to simulate the look, feel, and performance of a natural bent grass surface. Our greens utilize innovative synthetic turf made with fibrillated polypropylene fibers.

DesignScapes of Long Island uses the latest technology and proven installation process to assure every  green we install will serve as better pitches and chips than natural grass greens while providing smooth, consistent putting surfaces with true ball roll and customizable surface speeds. Let’s get started Call 631-475-0677

How Much Does a Backyard Putting Green Cost?

 Backyard putting green cost including Installation. A backyard putting green will cost between $18 and $25 per square foot. Pricing may vary based on size. Most contractors lower their rates for bigger projects; the larger your golf green, the less you will pay per square foot.

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