introducing Artificial Rock Waterfalls for Pools on Long Island

DesignScapes of Long Island Designs and Installs Breathtaking Rock Waterfalls for Pools, Spas and Ponds on Long Island  

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Why Artificial Rock Waterfalls

Creating artificial rock waterfalls for pools on Long Island offers a rapid and superior method to transform your pool area. 

Whether you choose to add a waterfall, incorporate boulders, or alter the pool coping, these changes can lead to a complete redesign of your backyard.

 Despite their quick installation, these features are designed to stand the test of time, promising years of enjoyment.

By introducing artificial rock waterfalls to your Long Island pool, you can swiftly and effectively revamp your outdoor space. 

Whether you opt for the addition of a waterfall, the integration of boulders, or a modification to the pool coping, these alterations have the potential to entirely reshape your backyard. 

Despite the brief installation period, these enhancements are engineered to offer enduring quality, ensuring many years of satisfaction.

At Designscapes of Long Island. We design and install many different variations of artificial rock waterfalls for pools, spas and ponds here on Long Island. Artificial rock come in various sizes and textures and colors, although they are modular pieces, they can be adapted to a variety of different waterfall designs because they are made of concrete. They are durable and with the additional compositions of plastic and foam are more lightweight than traditional stone. Therefore, less costly to install. Made from Hi-tech concrete mix with fiber reinforcement to be lightweight but stronger than ordinary concrete.


2024 The Trend Continues -The Stay At Home Vacation Projects

This past year has forced homeowners to consider converting the home into the vacation location that they could go to due to the travel restrictions. 

For over 30 years Designscapes of Long Island has been creating beautiful backyard locations for their clients. Dan from designscapes of Long Island will design for you the vacation destination right in your own backyard. 

By constructing stunning, beautiful swimming pool waterfalls, or outdoor kitchen, or magnificent fireplace. Turning your backyard to the perfect resort location that you have access to every day.


Benefits of Artificial Rock Waterfalls for Pools


One important benefit of pool with waterfall is the beautiful aesthetic this feature lends to your outdoor space.
 In addition, the gentle sounds of cascading water in the background as you enjoy your newly designed backyard paradise.
All these benefits will increase the overall value of your property, is just another reason to consider building a stay at home vacation location in your own backyard.
Two having an actively running waterfall keep your pools water in motion this will help maintain visibility and health of your pool water. Also the continuous movement of the water will improve the overall quality water.


Adding an Artificial Rock Waterfall to an Existing Backyard Pool

When contemplating the addition of a backyard pool featuring a waterfall, numerous factors come into play.
Several aspects warrant consideration after deciding to incorporate a pool with a waterfall. Firstly, opting for a design and aesthetic that harmonizes with your property is essential. 

If you’re creating the pool from the ground up, you possess greater latitude in selecting a style that resonates with your preferences. Conversely, if you’re augmenting an existing pool, your options might be more limited.

Many decisions await, with the initial ones involving the waterfall’s placement, dimensions, color palette, and choice of materials. Ensuring its feasibility and suitability within your available space is paramount. Factors such as the waterfall’s depth and height should be contemplated during this evaluation.

 Lastly, introspect on whether your chosen visual concept aligns with your family’s practical needs and lifestyle.


There are lots of things to consider when considering a backyard pool with a waterfall.

After you have decided to have a pool with waterfall, there are some items you should think about. To begin with, you should choose a design and look that complements your property. If you’re starting from scratch you have a lot more flexibility in choosing a style they for sure taste good for just adding to an existing pool will be less options available to you.

There are many decisions to be made first of which will be location and, the waterfall’s size, colors the kind of material to be used. You should ensure it will work and fit in your available space. When doing so, think about the depth and height of the waterfall. Lastly, ask yourself whether your preferred look suits the needs and lifestyle of your family

Why Chose Artificial Rock Waterfalls for Pools
We don’t let any obstacles prevent our customers from having the features they want for their landscape. As the  authorized ClifRock installer for Long Island,
 With our boulder panel system we can craft even the most massive boulders or simple rock waterfalls for pools on Long Island, a recent project in Old Wesbury required the need for heavy machinery. Our boulder panels are precast and can be installed in any backyard or commercial environment.
If you have been searching for a mason near me ClifRock’s boulder panel system decreases the time and cost it takes to create residential and commercial rock environments, such as: backyard rock waterfalls for pools , pool grottos, and other large scale landscape water features. No heavy equipment is needed with our system, making it more affordable and also causing less disruption to the property. 
We don’t need any machinery because the boulders are formed with our lighter weight, fiber-reinforced, polymeric concrete material. This lighter weight material also only calls for 1 to 2 men to lift and move the boulder panels. And because of our lighter weight material, swimming pool waterfalls can be constructed on the edge of almost any pool without adding stress to the pool’s structure. Get started with the best masonry contractor on Long Island & call us today @ 631-475-0677


Designing Outdoor Spaces Across Long Island, East Hampton, Sag Harbor, Southampton, Huntington to Montauk

We never want our customers to have to compromise their outdoor living space due to backyard restrictions or expense obstacles. So, we developed an engineered stone panel system that makes it possible to bring high-end outdoor rock waterfalls for pools on Long Island and resort style environments to absolutely any backyard. No matter the limitations your backyard may have, ClifRock can create your ultimate outdoor living space in 3 simple steps. Our weather resistant, high performing proprietary engineered stone panel system allows us to create all of our outdoor kitchens, water features and fire features over any existing pool deck, patio or hard surface. We are dedicated to exceeding all of our homeowner’s expectations and making any backyard oasis come to life. ClifRock makes outdoor living simple!



Outdoor Artificial Landscaping Stones

A super strength material designed for efficiently building vertical outdoor living structures and boulder water features.

Fiberglass Landscaping Rocks

Our fiber-reinforced, polymeric concrete material is resistant to external aggressions such as impacts, deep-freezing, extreme heat, humidity, weathering, and abrasion.


Our panels mirror the exact look and feel of real stone without the weight, cost, and instability of natural stones and boulders. Our system also removes the need for expensive masonry labor. To see more innovative products.

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