Backyard Putting Greens

Every golfer would love to have a backyard putting green designed just for him or her. Most golfers putt between 30 and 40 times per round, which is roughly 40% of their total shots. 
Despite this, you may find that the average golfer who practices at your local club or driving range is spending 80% of their time driving for distance.
Putting practice can be done at home by golfers of all abilities. They can’t use their other clubs at home. 
This is the best type of practice you should do if you want more confidence over difficult par putts on the course.

Hardscape Patio

Cold Weather Hardscaping by Designscapes of LI

Late fall & winter are great times of the year to start building  new hardscapes in your yard. From garden steppers & walkways, patios, sitting & retaining walls, outdoor kitchens & more, we can build it all for you. 

 If you want to get a jump on your landscaping next spring, think about implementing those hardscaping projects that you have been dreaming about.


Biodesign Swimming Pools Long Island

Biodesign beach sculpted swimming pools are designed to  give the look and feel of stepping into the ocean each time you step into your backyard. 
Each biodesign swimming pool is customized and can be created using exclusive  features, from beaches for shoreline relaxation and sunbathing and a safe place for children to play, to modeled submerged chairs, beds and even an aero-therapeutic massaging zone – all without the loss of the swimming areas. 
 Our bio-designed pool projects are personalized to meet your specific design and swimming needs and we’re careful to consider the surrounding environment in our each of our designs. Each of us, at least once in our lifetime, has dreamed of living in a villa with a garden and a beautiful swimming pool to enjoy on hot summer days. 
Designscapes of Long Island can take your dream and make it a reality.  


flower Landscape Design

Preparing Perennials for Winter

In cold winter areas, stop fertilizing perennials by midsummer to help slow their growth and begin the process of hardening off for winter.    After a growing season of enjoying the colorful blooms from your perennial garden, late fall is the time in cold-winter regions Zones 7 and colder to prepare the beds for winter. In warm winter areas, fall is a great time to plant perennials. 

outdoor kitchen smithtown


We have been designing and installing outdoor kitchens using Bull Outdoor Products across Long Island since 1985. A BBQ Island Kitchen Island is the perfect place to grill your favorite recipes in your backyard or patio! Components such as Flat-Top Grill, Power Burner, Smoker, Pizza Oven, Sink, Outdoor Refrigerator, Warming Drawers, Wet Bar or a Kegerator all help to make chef dreams come to life. For kitchen countertops we use products such as Granite, Soapstone, Tile & others. Call us today!

Home_Tennis_Courts long island

Home Tennis Courts

If you enjoy staying active, a home tennis court makes for a great addition to your property! A tennis court greatly enhances a property’s value as it is considered luxurious. Options such as clay for the tennis court surface is easiest on the body and is why it is so popular among senior tennis players. Hard-courts have the best bounce and are easy to maintain. Designscapes of LI Landscaping has been designing and installing tennis courts across Long Island since 1985!

Koi fish Pond builders

Swimming Pools For Koi

Koi ponds known as swimming pools for carp, are fish ponds used as part of a natural landscape. They are designed and installed to showcase & promote the health of the Nishikigoi ornamental carp. The overall pond design will have a great effect on the well being of the koi. Designscapes of Long has been designing and installing Koi Ponds across Long Island since 1985!