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Get Detailed High Quality 2D Landscape Design Drawing at Designscapes of Long Island

Detailed high quality 2 D drawings are an essential tool for landscape designers. They help to visualize the finished product and ensure that all features are proportionate. 

Landscape design drawings can also be used to create a plan for construction, which can be helpful for contractors and homeowners alike. In addition, landscape drawings can be used to show the placement of plants, hardscape features, and other elements.

 Whether you’re designing a new outdoor space, designing your dream garden or simply revamping your existing one, Landscape design drawing  can be a valuable asset.

Drawings provide a bird’s eye view of the property, and they can help to identify potential problems that may not be apparent from the ground.

 Designscapes of Long Island can provide 2 D drawings that can also be used to create a virtual model of the proposed design. The value of drawings can never be understated. They are very helpful for planning and visualization purposes. 

In addition, 2 D drawings can be useful for communicating the design to clients or contractors.

 However, 2 D drawings should not be used as the sole basis for designing a landscape. They should be supplemented with other information, such as 3 D models or photographs.

2D landscape Design Drawings

2D Landscape Design Drawings HELP Visualize the Project

Creating a 2D landscape design drawing is the first step toward completing a landscape project. Plants, patios, and lawns can be shown on a 2D plan in an easy and quick manner. In addition to providing an overview of the site for use during project planning and site work, they also provide a general overview of the site.

They allow designers to visualize a space and plan out planting and hardscaping elements. 2 D drawings also make it easier to communicate ideas with clients and other professionals. In addition, 2 D drawings can be used to create 3 D models of a space, which can be helpful for visualizing how a project will look once it is completed. While 2 D drawings are not required for every landscape design project, they can be a valuable tool when used correctly.

The foundation of any landscaping project is a set of detailed and accurate 2D landscape plans, which is why we recommend using quality 2D landscape design drawings. Increasingly, contractors and designers are switching to2 D Drawing here at LandScape Design of Long Island we have made 2D drawing available to our clients for years


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Example of Landscape Drawing
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Example of Landscape Lighting

Long Island 2D Landscape Design Drawings

Long Island 2D Landscape Design Drawings: Your Blueprint to Outdoor Beauty

Transforming your garden space or enhancing your patio with a pool or deck is a breeze with our Long Island 2D landscape design drawings. Besides helping homeowners like you turn their vision into reality, these 2D design blueprints are a popular choice in various sectors.

Exploring the Variety in 2D Landscape Design Drawings

Primarily, our Long Island 2D landscape design drawings are available in two formats: black-and-white and color.

Long Island 2D Black-and-White Landscape Drawings

Our black-and-white 2D landscape drawings exude a refined, professional look. They perfectly meld with 2D floor plans, serving as crucial tools for project planning, permit acquisition, and presenting preliminary design concepts to clients. As the preferred choice among contractors, these standard designs are readily accessible for download from your project information page in either JPG or PDF formats.

Inject Life into Your Landscape Design with Color

Color-coded 2D landscape design plans simplify the task of identifying distinct areas in your outdoor space, whether it’s the lawn, driveway, gardens, or patios. By assigning unique colors to each zone, we help you grasp the property layout more effectively, thereby facilitating quicker design decisions.

Crafting Simple Long Island 2D Landscape Design Drawings

Creating an exquisite landscape design for your home need not be a daunting task. It all begins with a simple Long Island 2D landscape design drawing.

A little planning and consideration for your property’s dimensions and form can go a long way. Decide on the type of design you want – formal or informal, symmetrical or asymmetrical.

Once you’ve got a rough sketch of the overall design, it’s time to pick specific plants and features. While selecting plants, take note of their height, color, and texture.

A combination of evergreen and deciduous plants can add a depth of interest to your design. And the finishing touches? They could be anything from benches, birdbaths, an outdoor fireplace or fire pit, to an outdoor kitchen or living room.

At Designscapes of Long Island, we’ve turned outdoor spaces into beautiful landscapes since 1985. Let us guide you in creating your dream property. Reach out to us at 631-475-0677.

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2D landscape designs drawing

Landscape Design Drawings Questions and Answers

Q; What is the purpose of 2D design?
A: To have a color landscape design to scale to help visualize a project and also have a blueprint to full scale to be able to work with now or in the future.

Q: What are the advantages of 2D drawings with Designscapes of Long Island?

A: Affordable, detailed to scale, colorful plan in hand to bid out project, work with and also use to submit to municipalities when/if permits are required. We submit a detailed estimate of the project designed when we present the final color design. If we are hired to create the project, we apply the cost as a payment towards the project.

Q: What are the limitations of 2D drawings?

A: It is a one dimensional presentation.

Q: Which is better 2D or 3D landscaping design videos?

A: 2D is the priority option since a color blueprint to scale is produced and can be worked with. 3D is produced at times after a 2D design when clients are having a hard time visualizing their project.

Q: What are limitations if only a 3D model is ordered?

A: Will not have a scaled 2D color blueprint to work with or submit municipalities when/if permits are required if needed.

Q: What are the features of 3D design?
A: A full 3D virtual design is produced making it easy to visualize a project real time. We print out glossy pictures of the presentation also.

The extra cost to produce a 3D design is not applied to a project.landscaping 

Example Of 3d Landscape Design video


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