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Designscapes of Long Island is a Landscape design company that specializes in residential as well as commercial landscape design.

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Preparing Perennials For Winter

“Don’t Let Winter Ruin Your Garden: Epic Tips for Perennial Bliss!” Save Your Perennials from the Frosty Apocalypse: Winter Tips You Can’t Ignore!   Winter-Ready Perennials: A Seasonal Guide for the Avid Home Gardener Ah, the perennial garden—a living tableau of color and vibrancy that brings aesthetic delight throughout the warmer months. However, as autumn …

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Biodesign Beach Sculpted Swimming Pools

Biodesign Beach Sculpted Swimming Pools Biodesign beach sculpted swimming pools by Designscapes of Long Island have a beach-inspired design. A submerged seating area and a swimming area are available. We customize each feature to meet your individual needs as well as cater to your surroundings.  The illusion of a truly beautiful beach entry can be …

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